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Best Biryani in Hyderabad.

Hello friends welcome to another episode of Indian Food taste test. I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am going to taste very popular food from the Hyderabad which is known as Hyderabadi Biryani along with this I am going to taste Curd Rice and Tomato Rice, Veg Korma, South Indian style Salad and Pickle, I am Travelling in Hyderabad since last 7-8 days and it’s really very good and amazing Experience. I ordered some dishes and I got parcel, when you come to the Hyderabad then remember the place at Secundrabad railway station you can have Hyderabadi Biryanis and South Indian dishes, here are lots of Lodges, Hotels and Restaurants, I recommend you to try some dishes like Biryanis, Dosa, Idli, specially the Andhara Meal, there are some Restaurants I remember one is Padmaja Lodge and another is Swati Lodge, both are really very good and they serve really very delicious South Indian food that I never had in my life, I had South Indian food in many Cities but in South India and specially in Hyderabad it’s really very good, let me introduce every dishes one by one.

Hyderabadi People love the Biryani.

First one is Hyderabadi Biryani, I saw deep love of people towards eating this Biryani all the time. Second dish is Tomato Pulao, it is looking very delicious also and I hope it will taste good. Another dish is Curd Rice which is very famous South Indian Rice dish, it is the specialty of South Indian Restaurants, here I have one Fried Chilly and South Indian Pickle and Vegetable Korma, it is a South Indian style Curry and here I have some Curd Salad, it has Onion, Beetroot and other Vegetables in this, it is a different kind of South Indian Salad, these all dishes are looking very good for me, so let me try all of these.

Hyderabadi Biryani Taste Test.

First I am going to try Hyderabadi Biryani, I had lots of Biryanis earlier but I don’t sort any of them, now I am going to try this, you can also have other Biryanis in Hyderabad like Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani these are also very famous here and you can have these in many Restaurants in the City, I am starting with these Veg Biryani, it has lots of Vegetables in it like Potato, Carrot, Green Chilly, Onion and it has also Dry Spices like Black Pepper, Bay Leaves. so let me have bite of it, first a fall I am just trying Plane Rice then I’ll try the Vegetables, seriously it is so good I had never these kind of Biryani anywhere else in India in my Life, it is really very good Experience to try the Hyderabadi Biryani in Hyderabad because they are the Specialists of it, you can have the totally different taste as compared to the other Biryanis in India so it is very good, tasty and not Spicy but really good in Flavor, I love the Vegetables in it, it gives the really good taste and Texture, Rice is perfect Salty and perfectly Cooked, you can see every Grain is perfectly Cooked and every Grain is Separated from each other, in the first Instance you can see whether the Biryani is perfectly Cooked or not weather the every Gain is Separated or not.

Best Biryani in Hyderabad.

Veg Biryani on Right and Tomato Pulao on Left.

South Indian Style Tomato Pulao in Hyderabad.

Now I am going to try Tomato Pulao or Tomato Rice, it is also another famous Dish from South India, see it has lots of Onions, Tomatoes, Green Chilies, I can also see some cashew nuts, it has some Curry Leaves and some Garlic also, before putting it into the mouth you can Smell the Smoky Flavor of it, I really like the Smoky Flavor in Indian Dishes because it gives different Identity weather your Food is good or not, if it gives Smoky flavor then it gives a different touch and makes it a different Level Dish, so this is really very good thing about this Tomato Pulao, also because of Tomatoes and Onions it adds the good Texture to it and I love the Balanced Taste of the Dish, little Sweet, little Sour, little Salty and not Spicy at all, they added some Green Chilies and Red Chili Powder but it is not Spicy at all, so this is really very good thing about this Tomato Pulao.

Curd Rice.

Now I am going to try the Curd Rice, it is also another very popular Dish of South India, people of South India love to eat this, it is also available at every Indian Restaurant, Curd Rice is really very Simple but Unique in Taste, it tastes clearly some South Indian Flavors in it, in Ingredients it has some Mustard Seeds, Green Chilies, Curry Leaves and Cumin Seeds, Rice and Curd are the first and must in it.

Now I am trying this different South Indian Raita, it is looking mix Vegetable Raita, if you like the Curd then it will be really very good for you because it has very good taste of Curd, when you put this into mouth you can get Crunch of different Vegetables in it, Onions, Cucumber, Green Chilly, it is little Spicy but not too much Spicy so everybody can have it.

Now I am going to try Vegetable Korma, this is very popular and it comes with almost every Dishes like Dosa, Rice and Chapatti or whatever you want it’s your choice, Korma is very Simple but it has clearly Tastes of Vegetables and not so Spicy at all, it has very Balanced Taste so it is really very good to have it with the Rice or Chapatti.

Now I am going to try this Fried Crunchy Chilly weather it is good or not, it is just Salty and it doesn’t have any Special Taste so I don’t like this very much rather than this I prefer to have fried Green Chilies with it.

Now I am trying Very Special South Indian Pickle made from the Lemon, it has a really very good Smell, I love the Lemon Pickle personally and this is really very good in Taste, we make the Lemon Pickle at our Home also, but is totally different in taste, it is little Spicy and it has some Spices which are very much like a South Indian Spices, we usually make the Lemon Pickle with Turmeric Powder and Salt alone.

Vote for Biryani and Pickle.

Out of all these Dishes I really enjoy the Veg Biryani, Tomato Pulao and Lemon Pickle but if I am going choose one or two dishes from it then I’ll choose Veg Biryani and Lemon Pickle, I had never taste this kind of Lemon Pickle ever, if you come to South India or Hyderabad don’t forget to try all of these dishes in any of the South Indian Cities, it is available everywhere in India but I truly experience it in the South India because they know how to cook in Authentic Style and also they have Hundreds of Years of Experience to make these Dishes.

I hope you have enjoyed this episode. So don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to street food and travel tv india. Thanks for spending time here. See you in next episode.

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