8 Most Popular Hyderabadi Street Foods | Indian Street Food Guide.

Most Popular Street Foods of Hyderabad.

Hello friends welcome to the another episode of food taste test, I am Nikunj Vasoya, today I am in Hyderabad and today I am going to taste very interesting thing which is known as Mung Dal Dosa, it is looking very different from other Dosa’s as we usually have in other places of South India or India, so let’s have a look at the Dosa that how do they make and let me also try it.

. Street Food of Hyderabad.8 Most Popular Hyderabadi Street Foods

Top Hyderabadi Street Foods.

1. Eating Indian Street Food in Hyderabad.

Usually we have Sambhar with Dosa but here I have Sambhar, Curry and Chutney three of them. This Curry is made from different kinds of vegetables like potato, onion and tomato, its little gravy, in South India they serve very unique Chutney made from Ground nut, Oil, it has some mustard seeds also, so it is totally different chutney from the other chutneys, this is Sambhar, it is totally different sambhar from other sambhar we get in other restaurants in India. In Hyderabad people love to have Dosa in their breakfast as well as any time during all the day, so it is really very good to me to have this Dosa, so let me have a bite of it.

Dhosa is very thick but it is different from other Dosa’s that we have at other places of India, paper is totally different from other papers as we have at different places in India, it is crispy and totally different in flavor.

2. Get The Indian Street Food Recipe.

Now I am going to have Curry. Curry is very simple but very good in taste, it’s dot has some spices in it, so it’s really good thing about it because usually people in their don’t like to have too much spicy, now I am going to taste Sambhar, sambhar is really very good very simple but it has very clean flavor, now I am going to taste Chutney made from Pea Nuts, oil and other spices, this chutney is very unique and totally different in flavor as compared to Coconut chutney. Now I am going to try the Stuffing, stuffing is little salty but it has very clear and very good flavor, you can taste the potato, onion because of the turmeric, mustard seed and curry leave.

3. India Is a Best Destination in the world For Street Foods.

See it has a stuffing of tomato, raw onion, potato it is yellow because of turmeric powder, the flavor of curry leaves and mustard seed makes it really very good, they have added some other vegetables like carrot, if you come to South India or Hyderabad then I recommend you to try this Dosa because it is totally different Dosa than the usually other Dosa. Right now I am standing in front of Bus Stand near the Secundrabad, you can see a little food cart behind me so it will be rally really very good to try some food here, if you come to Secundrabad of Hyderabad.

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