Famous Falooda in Hyderabad | Indian Street Food Guide

Famous Falooda Wala in Hyderabadi City, Char Minar.

Hello friends welcome to another show of food taste test. I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am standing in front of char minar in Hyderabad. Today I am going to taste very popular and famous Hyderabad falooda. it is actually cold drink, desert cold drink made from milk and other eatable stuff. it is really very interesting and it is available at some places of India only.

Best Falooda, Hyderabad, India.

Hyderabadi Falooda. Street Food Guide.

1. Art of Making Hyderabadi Street Food.

If you come to Hyderabad then I recommend you to try Falooda because it is really very good. it is one of the specialty of Hyderabad and everybody in Hyderabad love to have a Falooda. So let’s take a look at Falooda how they make and I am also going to try Falooda.

so friends this is known as Falooda. It is made from different stuffs like milk, Khoya and essence known as ruafza, it is a kind of Indian sarbat, and it has some seeds and sweets so it has lots of sugar. visually it is very chilled. it also has ice cream scoop. So let’s me try the Falooda.

2. It is One of my Best Food Taste Test in Hyderabad.

in the first bite let me try the dry fruits, cashew nut and tutti-frutti, some Khoya, milk and some seeds. it has lots of kind of textures in it. It is sweet it is slippery seeds in it. it has a very good Khoya and it also has sweet milk in it. it has a ruafza essence which is the specialty of Hyderabad, in Hyderabad people loves to have thing made from ruafza. Ruafza is also used in sarbat and falooda, you can also get the ruafza lassi. people likes this flavor so they use this ruafza in their almost drink. now I am going to try ice cream, it has a pasta ice cream in it, ice cream is really good creamy. it is a perfect sweet. in summer it is a really good drink.

3. Lassi is also Popular in India.

They have added some seeds which are really good ant tasty. it helps to keep cool and calm all the day. I really love the pasta ice cream and milk also. it is really very good in flavor and it is the best Falooda I had in my life. in my city I also have many kinds of Falooda but this is totally different and I really love this. if you guys come to the char minar visit then you must try this Falooda near the char minar at farasha cafe and bakery and you should try here. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe at street food and travel tv india thanks for watching, see you in next episode.

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