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Hello friends welcome to another episode of Indian food taste test. I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am going to taste some of the most popular Indian fast foods, one is known as Dabeli and another one is known as Bread Katka. Both of them are very unique, one is belong to Kutch region but now it is available in almost every Guajarati cities, so have a look at the Dabeli and Bread Katka.

Most Amazing Indian Street Foods.

2 Most Popular Gujarati Fast Foods.

So friends this is known as Dabeli which is made from bread and stuffing of potato and masala pea nuts, it is a very good one, you can imagine it’s taste by crowd coming everyday for this Dabeli here, this dish is known as Bread Katka, actually chopped bread and chutney and some snacks like  Sev and masala pea nuts are on the top of it with the onion and three types of chutney, they have very unique and different types of chutney belongs to the Kutch of Gujarat, see the crowd they serves to thousands of people’s everyday and everybody loves to eat here every day. It is very good and it is totally very unique kind of Indian fast food available only in Gujarat, it is very good in taste and not the heavy one. friends here I have ordered 2 things, both are under the half dollars so it is very cheap and you will going to save lot’s of your money while travelling in Gujarat. Specially in Gujarat you are going to try different-different kinds of fast food which are exclusively available in Guajarati cities, all of them are very cheap.

So let me have a bite of the Dabeli, first I am going to taste Dabeli, it is a crispy bread, roasted bread, in oil or in butter, it has a potato stuffing, it is my personal favorite and I come often here to eat the Dabeli when I come to Jamnagar, they serve two kinds of different chutney, one is hot and spicy one and another one is sweet sauce, bread is absolutely crispy from outside, I love it’s stuffing because it is sweet one and you can clearly taste all the flavors, its texture is really very good because of the masala pea nuts.

Now the second dish is Bread Katka, it is very unique and totally different in taste, it is mainly based on the chutney, specially on the sweet sauce, wow it’s so good, it is really very good in taste, it is little spicy but crunch of the Sev, masala pea nuts and onion, it is seriously very good, I am sure you are going to love this Katka bread or bread Katka, bread is absolutely soft, see it is totally wet and you can see the clearly layer of chutney and Sev on it. it is very cheap and just 20 Rupees or 30 Cents.

If you are ordering two dishes then in just half dollar then definitely you have to avoid lunch or dinner because one person can make his bailey full, in just 50 Cents, green chutney is very good and you can clearly taste the flavor of garlic in it, this chutney is very delicious,.

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